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2017 Bike ’n Hike - Saturday 9 September

Churches of all denominations were open on 10 September 2016 ready to receive walkers and cyclists, offering a rare opportunity to visit as well as a fun day out for those taking part.  

 It is fun joining in, but there is a serious side to it too, for the Trust relies on sponsorship money raised by participants, to hand out in the form of grants to churches and chapels in need of a helping hand with expensive maintenance or serious repair.

  Maintenance or repair is a subject many church people take for granted, like the roads or the street lighting "something will be done about it when necessary", is an unspoken assumption. Well, it won't, unless the church gets its act together and tackles the problem. Unfortunately, for many small congregations, the prospect of raising thousands of pounds seems daunting and many repair projects are in danger of failing before they have started. This is where the Trust helps.


So, please support the  Bike 'n Hike. And remember,  50% of money raised can come back to your church, so there's another incentive!

The Trust depends on the Bike ‘n Hike as its principal source of income. It provides much of the money the Trust is able to pass on in the form of grants to repair, restore or maintain the fabric of churches and chapels  in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.

We need as much support as we can muster each year. But raising money this way is a lot of fun too, for those taking part.


from 2016

Well not entirely…

The poor weather on 10 September 2016 did not affect the Bike ‘n Hike total as badly as feared. It looks as though the total will top £98,000. Well done to all involved!

Nature threw a lot at those taking part on the day, but many people were seen out and about riding and hiking through the puddles in their determination to prove they were not going to let a little thing like the British weather get in the way of enjoying themselves and supporting the Trust.

Our Bike ‘n Hike address is:


For more fundraising information and a list of churches taking part click here: www.b-n-h.co.uk

An extremely soggy  Steve West taken outside Graveley Church on 10 September.

Steve is a great stalwart of the Bike and Hike. He writes:

Despite the weather it was an enjoyable day and the welcome at the churches along my route today was wonderful. I managed 35 miles and 32 churches on my route between Hitchin and  Hertford.”

The other two pictures show Steve at Knebworth estate church and just creeping into the finish under the 6pm “wire” at Graveley.

Well done that man!

Bike ‘n Hike 2017 - Saturday 9 September